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A Resource for the Aspiring Vocalist

What role does singing play in your life?

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Welcome to Lead Vocals

Lead Vocals is a free of charge resource for aspiring vocalists, who are learning the craft of singing and who practice their art by singing along to playback recordings and to other selected musical performances on video. Put it to the test!

Why a Sing Along Tool?

Singing along to an existing recording is a quick way to learn and review the melody, timing, phrasing, and mood of a given performance. It enables the singer to understand what the performing vocalist(s) do to make it sound that specific way.

All the great vocalists out there have developed their own unique expression. If you study an artist by following their way of singing closely, you will notice that details such as dialect and pronunciation in language, the choice of placing words or phrases within rhythm and beats, any habits, and style and musical influences are ingredients that define that very artist.

In our opinion existing tools like per example karaoke platforms do not satisfy the demands imposed by this kind of study, nor do these tools support the very first steps of learning a new song. These tools however are perfect to practice songs you already know among other benefits.

Our sing along tool was designed to

  • Learn new songs in a quick way
  • Review artists to find out what makes their vocal performance special
  • Provide access to musical parts with a mouse click for the purpose of repeat practising
  • Enable a quick way to practice aside from vocal coach sessions and band rehearsal
  • Take vocal practice with you (mobile version will be available soon!)
  • Stay motivated by celebrating music and through joint practice, per example with duets
  • Inspire learning through unique grouping of songs, per example by vocal range, tonic pitch, technique, or difficulty

The Concept of Lead Vocals

We have structured the information and tools provided here into a few spheres with different focus.

Under background we want to provide all the basic theoretical information which may be helpful for the vocalist to understand the anatomy, physics and limitations of our human nature, which gives inspiration of possible professional duties in the field, and which sheds light on the art of music including theoretic concepts and composing choices.

The segment improve shall contain thoughts, tips, instructions and exercises which focus on specific tasks for vocalists. Here you can find inspiration on what aspects of your performance and abilities you may work on to imrove your craft as a singer and performer.

The practice area contains access to media and lyrics you can sing along to, which are categorized into specific learning elements like the consideration of physical properties, the overall level of development of the craft, and specific singing techniques. Understand this collection as an inspiration for song choice and to explore the provided music in a “guided” way.

The lyrics section shall provide our visitors access to the library of media and lyrics in a classic way by offering filters to find your favourite artist and song, and to explore new music through e.g. the selection of a genre. We are proud to provide you with a clever lyrics tool, which supports your learning process through quick access to musical passages.

We know that your journey as a singer and performer will lead you to many places. For the curious amoung us we find it useful to provide a list of external literature, tools, products, software, and services under resources.

We wish our visitors a successful learning experience and hope that our work will inspire, and provide many happy and serene hours of practice.

Voices about Lead Vocals

A highly specialized resource for those "singing along to playback recordings and musical performances on video." ;)
Daniel Greenwald · April 10, 2016 on Twitter

I love the idea!
CJL Vocal Coach · April 13, 2016 on Twitter

It's a nice tool. I like it.
Melly Mel · April 14, 2016 on Twitter

Good for singers starting out such as some of my students. :)
VoiceCity Singing · April 14, 2016 on Twitter

I think it can be helpful.
Stephanie Derrick · April 17, 2016 on Twitter

I've looked - I like it. The site has got real potential... The screen alongside is brilliant having song video against lyrics.
Annabelle Hill · May 17, 2016 on Twitter

Hi, I think it's great yes. Anything that encourages people to get singing & enjoying it is fabulous as far as I'm concerned. :)
Natasha Kemball · May 23, 2016 on Twitter

This is great! I look forward to trying this out with clients!
Alida Vocal Studio · May 26, 2016 on Twitter

I think it's a great technique for learning songs and imitating great singers.
Modern Songstress · May 29, 2016 on Twitter

What a great resource, thank you.
Chrissy Malone · July 17, 2016 on Facebook

I like it; it's a good beginners learning base, or an advanced singers training practise area.
Taylor-Louise · August 9, 2016 on Twitter

I think it's a great idea.
Attih Singz · August 11, 2016 on Twitter

I think it's a brilliant idea and a great tool for those who aspire to get better at the craft. Good on ya!
Donna · August 28, 2016 on Twitter

Hi! Your webpage is cool! Lots of info. Signed up for your newsletter :)
Teri Danz · September 5, 2016 on Twitter

Your web is quite interesting! Congratulations ;-)
Lydia Gregory · September 18, 2016 on Twitter

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    Visitors at Lead Vocals can now browse our database of recordings for the purpose of practising their singing through the selection of a musical decade in addition to the year of the recording. We hope this will add to the versatility of discovering new music and artists to learn from.

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  • Practice Opeth and Annihilator (Exercises and Lyrics) Monday, November 28, 2016

    We have added a few songs from Opeth and Annihilator to the lyrics section of Lead Vocals. Have a great time practising them!

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  • Vocal Range, Voice Types, and the Sweet Spot (Information for Vocalists) Sunday, November 20, 2016

    At Lead Vocals you are able to select lyrics from the practice pool by the vocal range needed to perform the song, among other selection criteria. What exactly is vocal range though, why and how do we classify voices within the overall voice spectrum, and how may this knowledge benefit the singer?

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  • Practice Stone Temple Pilots and The Cult (Exercises and Lyrics) Monday, November 14, 2016

    We have added a few songs from Stone Temple Pilots and The Cult to the lyrics section of Lead Vocals. Have a great time practising them!

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  • How do Songwriters tell Stories? (Information for Vocalists) Monday, November 07, 2016

    Vocalists sing songs and oftentimes write their own songs too. As a creator we understand that lyrics and the underlying musical piece create a vehicle to transport the story of a song. In modern popular music the structure of the composition has a significant impact on storytelling, and therefore we want to know how songwriters tell their stories. Learn about the songwriting process, the structural elements and their placement in our article about song form and storytelling.

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  • Lead Vocals Demographics for the 3rd Quarter 2016 (News from Lead Vocals) Sunday, October 30, 2016

    … and a review about how visitors can utilize search on Lead Vocals. This quarter we worked on our visibility for search engines in the World Wide Web and expanded the way users can filter and browse music. The audience report is our interpretation of quarterly visitor demographics, this time for the third quarter 2016 which includes the months July, August, and September.

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