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A Resource for the Aspiring Vocalist


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On these pages we have listed some of the tools that we think could be useful for our visitors on their journey to become a better musician, be it in the role as singer or as instrumentalist.

If you are missing a software application that you think would be useful for the aspiring vocalist, or if any of the links are outdated, then please let us know.

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^ Vocal Trainer - Learn to sing

Reviewed on April 10, 2016 for Android

»Vocal Trainer - Learn to sing« by Lior Hai Interactive

"Vocal Trainer - Learn to sing" by Lior Hai Interactive

Vocal Trainer - Learn to sing is a very structured learning application which focuses on the improvement of your vocal abilities by playing one or more notes and listening to you singing according to the exercise, while analyzing your accuracy in real time. The performance of single notes and phrases is used to train pitch accuracy, interval understanding, and voice strength.

We at Lead Vocals think the software is an excellent trainer for vocalists, because it has a quick workflow through a well structured user interface and navigation. The exercises are extremely useful, and the ability to setup vocal range and difficulty add to the positive experience. The "Find by Interval" exercise may be helpful training both, relative and absolute pitch.

Vocal Trainer - Learn to sing is free of charge. Find more information about the developer at

Download Links

· Vocal Trainer - Learn to sing at GooglePlay

^ Piano For You

Reviewed on April 6, 2016 for Android

»Piano For You« by Pavel Alexeev

"Piano For You" by Pavel Alexeev

Piano for You is a virtual instrument available for Android devices, which stands out for its good sounding samples, fast loading time, and a low latency. It can handle two stacked keyboard rows with different note range to be selected from an 88 keys wide piano keyboard. WiFi MIDI function and recording features complete the application.

We at Lead Vocals think the software is excellent for vocalists to track pitch. Pay attention to the acoustic oscillations when you sing along a note, just as you would do when tuning a guitar manually by playing a note on 2 different strings. Per example you could practice intervals by playing and singing them, or intentionally sing a different octave or interval to the notes you play.

Piano for You is ad free, but you can support the developer with a full version purchase that carries additional sounds. Find more information at

Download Links

· Piano For You (Free Version) at GooglePlay
· Piano For You (Full Version) at GooglePlay

^ Functional Ear Trainer

Reviewed on September 18, 2016 for Android

»Complete Ear Trainer« by Kaizen9 Apps

"Functional Ear Trainer" by Kaizen9 Apps

Functional Ear Trainer is a mobile adaptation of Alain Benbassat's method to distinguish between the notes within a scale in the context of a particular key. The tones of a scale within one octave are split in the middle, building a descending melody for the lower tones and an ascending melody for higher tones. Repeating the melody starting from the note in question during practice gives the context of the note's position and function within scale and key. While going through the exercises, the user will find out that switching the octave and/or the key of a scale will not affect the recognition process, because the function of the tone in question remains the same. Even the switch from major to minor scale will reveal great similarities.

The application offers the training of minor and major scales split in well thought steps. Scales can also be practised with its chromatics, which will result in an improvement of hearing with more precise resolution. The steps of the learning process include lower and higher notes, one and multiple octaves, multiple keys, and combinations thereof. Additionally the user can sharpen his or her memory for melodies by going through various melodic dictation exercises. It is also possible to craft own exercises, and the application offers a very useful hands and screen free mode which allows learning through headphones.

We at Lead Vocals think the software is extremely helpful for building a better musical ear. The learning method and the structured presentation of the exercises help in gaining a fundamental understanding of music, which will greatly improve the ability to master relative pitch and the improvement of melodic memory. The exercise steps are balanced that well that the experienced learning progress will translate to a higher motivation. The up to the note precise feedback provided by statistics reveals the exact weaknesses of ones hearing ability.

Functional Ear Trainer is ad free, and free of charge for exercising the recognition of tones and chromatics from the major and minor scale. It also allows testing a limited amount of melodic dictation exercises. The full functionality can be unlocked in steps, consisting of Melodic Dictations, Listener Mode, and Sound Plugins, or in full with a discount. Find more information and contact the developer Serhii Korchan at

Download Links

· Functional Ear Trainer at GooglePlay
· Sound Plugins for Functional Ear Trainer at GooglePlay
· Functional Ear Trainer at iTunes

^ Complete Ear Trainer

Reviewed on April 10, 2016 for Android

»Complete Ear Trainer« by Binary Guilt Software

"Complete Ear Trainer" by Binary Guilt Software

Complete Ear Trainer helps musicians to develop relative pitch and to improve aural skills and music theory knowledge. It is designed like a video game with strong pedagogical concepts in mind, meaning that it guides through the learning process by unlocking levels as you progress. The application offers over 150 drills including intervals, chord types, chord inversions, scale types, melodic dictations and chord progressions. Each chapter has a theory card explaining the musical concepts needed for the exercises, and there is a mode to design ones own exercises.

We at Lead Vocals think the software is excellent to improve hearing abilities and musical knowledge. The playful concept of achievements, high score, ranking on leaderboards, and level progress lighten up the learning process, even though it will take some time and commitment to master each of the levels.

Complete Ear Trainer is not free of charge, but offers one free chapter with multiple drills in an ad-free environment which will both, keep you busy for quite a while and improve your abilities. Find more information at

Download Links

· Complete Ear Trainer at GooglePlay
· Complete Ear Trainer at iTunes

^ Perfect Ear 2

Reviewed on April 10, 2016 for Android

»Perfect Ear 2« by EDuckAppsSV

"Perfect Ear 2" by EDuckAppsSV

Perfect Ear 2 is a learning application for musicians which helps with training of the musical ear, singing abilities, rhythmic skills, melodic dictation, stave reading, the guitar fretboard, and music theory knowledge. The application offers exercises in the categories intervals, scales, chords, rhythm, pitch, and theory. In addition to the included scale dictionary the user is able to customize chords, scales, and exercises.

We at Lead Vocals think the software is a very helpful companion which offers a lot of quick, useful, and entertaining exercises helping to improve ones musical knowledge and abilities. Perfect Ear 2 allows to enter your vocal range, which makes especially the singing exercises very useful for any vocalist.

Perfect Ear 2 is enjoyable ad free, and is free of charge for a number of very useful exercises. The developer offers additional content packs and a sound upgrade for a fee. Find more information in the Google Plus Community.

Download Links

· Perfect Ear 2 at GooglePlay
· Perfect Ear's Realistic Piano at GooglePlay