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A Resource for the Aspiring Vocalist


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For those who want to learn even more about the art of singing, any related topics, or tools and equipment, we have started to collect a number of helpful resources.

Beside links and information we may have listed specific literature, physical products, software, or services here, some of which might be of commercial nature. This selection is meant to be an informational service for the convenience of our visitors, and does not reflect our sole endorsement of the products and services listed.

Should you know of a resource that could be a helpful addition to this section, then please let us know and we will consider expanding this list.

Types of Resources

  • Vocal Sheet Standard is a standardization written by Andy Strohkirch to write down lyrics
  • License a Cover Song offers tips, links, and an all inclusive licensing service
  • Glossary contains a list of terms with explanations relating to the subject of singing
  • Software for vocalists and instrumentalists
  • Books for vocalists and instrumentalists
  • Links to external resources