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That being said, we are inviting you to look around and test the system.
Please consider leaving us your feedback.
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A Resource for the Aspiring Vocalist

How important is pre-recorded music for your vocal education?

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Lead Vocals Goes Beta

Test our free of charge resource for the aspiring vocalist. Lead Vocals is for anybody who wants to learn the craft of singing and who likes to sing along to playback recordings and other selected performances on video.

We have added a small number of hand selected recordings with spot-on lyrics as a start. The tool allows for quick access to practice specific parts within a song. We especially took care in avoiding clutter and disruptive advertising.

Why Beta?

Because we strive to make Lead Vocals one of the top lyric tools and one of the best resources for aspiring artists out there. And we need your help for that.

We would like to know your preference in regards to the tool itself and the contents.

  • Do you like the lead time and song structure presentation?
  • Do you have ideas for additional segmentation of the lyrics to gain a specific learning environment?
  • What lyrics would you like to practice here?

In fact, as a beta tester we invite you to send us your catalog of songs which you would like to learn, and we will do our best to expand the website in your favor.

While most of the educational contents are currently missing or are in development, the lyric practice system is ready for a spin. Please give it a try and send us some feedback over the voting system to the right, or via message.

Thanks very much for your time and contribution,
Andy @ Lead Vocals.

Our website at

Our website at